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An alliance created to help marketing and sales teams use their tech stack better to engage customers in the evolving buyer's journey.


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Learn where high growth companies plan to focus their attention (and money) to continue their trajectory in 2024 with the latest report from EGA. 

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A first of its kind

Our partner ecosystem brings together best-of-breed martech and salestech vendors to define what it means to be fully integrated and have open and honest conversations about how to best use your technology. But don’t worry, we’re not here to sell you anything. We are a thought leadership community that aims to break down silos and focus on outcomes to help B2B marketers and salespeople see what success looks like and then go after it.

“The buyer’s journey has changed. How we market and sell has not. We have all this amazing new technology that tells us what buyers are doing before they come to us. We can’t keep ignoring these signals.”

−Uzair Dada, Iron Horse Founder & CEO

Uzair Dada

What you can expect from EGA.

EGA helps B2B tech companies grow by breaking down silos between people, processes, and technology. We are:



Make strategic decisions backed by data from primary research designed to help B2B marketing and sales organizations better understand their buyers.

Solution oriented

Maximize the effectiveness of your GTM stack. Our partners collaborate to showcase real-world, multi-platform use cases that keep the focus on the customer.

Marketing + Sales

Be part of a community that is committed to harnessing the power of marketing and sales working together to deliver better buyer experiences.

Q1 2023

What's next?

We’ll be releasing the results of our first Enterprise Salestech and Martech Buyer Insights Survey in late Q1. Better understand the complexity of the buyer’s journey, what type of content is consumed and when, and what the main challenges and pain points are for your buyers.

Our partners

To push the limits of what’s possible in marketing and sales—and provide actual guidance on how to achieve it— we partner with the following best in-class organizations.

Frequently asked questions

It’s a secret to most.

The Enterprise Growth Alliance (EGA) is a cohort of top technology partners whose ultimate aim is to make B2B marketers and salespeople more successful.

We all know the B2B buyer’s journey has changed. But let’s be honest. Many B2B enterprises are still scrambling to adapt to the evolving processes in which customers discover your brand and make purchase decisions. Even worse, we continue to market and sell in the same siloed, old-school way.

EGA is leading the charge in helping enterprises optimize their tech stack to drive unified account conversations and in turn, drive scalable, integrated growth for their organization. Our multi-vendor alliance delivers critical insights to educate our industry on how to navigate this next-gen B2B buying journey, accelerate performance and growth, and scale your go-to-market strategies.

Through knowledge-sharing of best practices, thought-leadership content, original research, and a community of growth-minded individuals, EGA will help you tackle the challenges of today’s digital-first buyer and deliver experiences buyers actually want.

This alliance is for any marketer or salesperson in an enterprise organization who sees the status quo and knows we can do better. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Our research, thought leadership content, webinars and other resources will focus on real-life, pressing B2B use cases. Topics will be influenced by the industry and the community, but will likely include change management, marketing and sales alignment, martech and salestech integration, campaign analytics and reporting, the buyer’s journey, and much more.

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If you’re a martech or salestech vendor and interested in joining our group of best in-class partners, send us a note at info@enterprisegrowthalliance.com.

EGA’s first research piece, 2023 Buyer Insights Report, is out now! In this report, we aim to answer the question, “How do your buyers want to be engaged?” We reviewed data from 400+ sales and marketing leaders about their goals and priorities, and how they discover, research, and decide to buy technology solutions. Download the ebook now to see what we found out.

There’s a big disconnect in B2B marketing and sales. We continue to invest more in technology, but are struggling to use what we have in an integrated way. To add to this problem, martech and salestech vendors aren’t talking to each other or working together, which results in siloed tech that is not utilized by the end-user. EGA aims to right these wrongs.

EGA differs from other alliances in that we focus on innovation and obsess over research. Technology was meant to be connected—through high-value martech and salestech partners, we strive to show you how to optimize what you own to achieve integrated, scalable growth.

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