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Iron Horse is a growth marketing agency focused on enterprise and emerging growth companies. We’re dataheads, creative thinkers, and go-to-market experts with a collective passion for connecting the dots between marketing efforts and results. We combine audience research, strategic consulting, and martech strategy to help you design and execute scalable integrated marketing programs that deliver the outcomes you want.

We’re thrilled to bring together  a dynamic group of companies united in helping marketing and sales teams successfully navigate today’s buyer’s journey. Through EGA’s collaborative effort, we can unlock new potential in our tech stacks to drive integrated scalable growth and stay ahead of the curve.

— Uzair Dada, CEO & Founder, Iron Horse

Integrated Marketing Maturity Assessment

Ready to elevate your integrated marketing strategy to new heights? Discover your maturity level with our five-minute assessment and unlock the secrets to marketing success.


Why I'm Optimistic - Iron Horse

Why I’m Optimistic About Marketing in 2023.

Despite the media buzz about an impending downturn, B2B marketing leaders are investing in people, technology, and processes, setting the stage for long-term growth.

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MarketingBenchmarksReport-Iron Horse

3 Findings from Our 2022 B2B Marketing Benchmarks Report.

Marketing benchmarks are critical for growth. Iron Horse’s recent research on senior leaders in marketing programs at $100M+ B2B companies in the US reveals three key findings that challenge conventional thought.

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dev-mini-report-Iron Horse

Developer Marketing: An Emerging Opportunity.

B2B companies are quickly adopting developer marketing to reach their most important audiences. We asked 390 business leaders what they’re doing. Here’s what we found out.

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We use the best technologies to help boost your go-to-market strategies and drive revenue growth. In addition, our martech and salestech partnerships enable us to help clients get the most out of their technology to create scalable buyer experiences.

Check out our services page to view a full list of technologies we have deep experience working with.


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